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Boy Scout Troop 94 resides in the heart of Perry County in Shermans Dale, PA, and has been chartered by the Shermans Dale Lions Club since July of 1964.  Weekly meetings are held at:

Shermans Dale Lions Club Park
429 Dark Hollow Road, Shermans Dale, PA, 17090

Troop 94 is currently led by Scoutmaster Mike Reeder, and is full of boys ages 11-17 that are eager to learn about and enjoy the adventure that is Scouting.  We are part of the Oliver Perry District, which covers all of Perry County.  Oliver Perry is part of the New Birth of Freedom Council, which was the result of a merger between the Keystone Area and York-Adams Area Councils.

Believe it or not, this troop was not the first and original Troop 94 in the Keystone Area Council.  A Troop 94 was organized in Duncannon in the Late 50s - Early 60s, but folded for some reason, and Shermans Dale picked up the number in 1964.

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